My name is Kiera Walton and I am a student at the University of Southampton, currently studying my second year of Games Design & Art. This is where I will be documenting my semester one Games Design development.



My submission for the Games Design Document and supporting research and ideation, as well as the documentation of workshop tasks is all available on this website. The trailer can be found under the "Marketing" tab in the GDD and the blender files for my prototypes will be submitted to teams.



'Home' - This is where you are now. Here you can read about who I am and find out how to navigate this website.

'GDD Development' - Here I have documented any workshop activities, research and idea development that supports the progression of my games design document.

"Games Design Document" - Self explanatory. There is table of contents for this available under the main tab. 


Create a games design document for an entirely original game idea of your own making.

The submission should include the games design document, any relevant supporting artefacts, two prototypes and a trailer that will showcase and excite an audience for the game.